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Post-Construction Cleaning Services In Markham

We know how busy you are and how messy the job site can get let us handle the dirty work and clean up that site whether its construction, renovations or small changes you've made to your home or office. 

We know that leaving a place better is what you do

What we do is we clean up after you're done construction, renovating and painting and any other for construction we know the mess these kinds of jobs can leave. So we want to help with the clean-up so everything can look as great as possible and can reflect the work you do as accurately as possible!


We know remodeling your home can be hard as it is from deciding what you want your new layout to be to picking colors and what not. These projects can leave big messes we want to take some of that stress off your hands by taking care of all the junk that may need to be removed also any dusting once all that is done doing a thorough cleaning of the floor by first vacuuming it to get and debris and dirt left behind  them also mopping to make sure it is shining and smelling amazing with our scented floor cleaners to finish the job.


Everyone's home needs a little renovating here and there over time our homes start to get a little older and our taste changes in what we want it to look like.  These jobs normally leave quite a bit of dust behind though and sometimes paint spots on the floor can be a bit tedious and annoying to clean up so let us take care of the mess for you. We take our scrapers to the floor to take care of the paint spots left behind and vacuuming and wipe down baseboards to get rid of dust and debris left behind from common home reno jobs.


Small little touch-ups around your home can drastically change its look of it but can leave a mess as well we will professionally clean up, any mess you may have left behind so that the small touch-ups you do really shine through and make that effect on your home were looking to leave!

We enjoy working with many small businesses in Markham and Scarborough area

Our roots are strong in the Markham and Scarborough area so we would like to work with you no matter what the project is whether you need a junk removal and then general clean-up after your work or you are a painter and need dust removal after you are done painting and sanding a new home. We work with a variety of businesses in the area and are looking to expand our business partnerships.

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